Unterricht mit Bernd

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Es war einmal ein kleines Dorf, das unberührt von der Hektik dieser Welt in einem kleinen Tal lag. Ein Mann stand staunend auf dem Dorfplatz. Er zündete sich eine Zigarette an und ging in Richtung Rathaus. Plötzlich begann der Boden unter ihm zu beben.

Foto: pixabay / CC0

The fatality of Michael Brown

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On 9th August 2014 the Afro-American pupil Michael Brown was shot down in a fight with the police officer Darren Wilson in the town Ferguson in the US-State Missouri.

The incident

Foto: Protestversammlung am 14. August 2014 in Ferguson / Jamelle Bouie /

CC BY 2.0

Gyms: not only a place for working out

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Fitness has become more popular in the last few years. In the last five years the number of gyms has quadrupled. Nowadays they not only offer weight training, but also classes such as aerobics, pilates and yoga. There are also spa treatments, saunas, steam baths and solariums.

Foto: pixabay / CC0

The Great White Shark

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Because of its length, a shark can also be very dangerous for humans. Until today, 272 shark attacks in which the great white shark was identified have been documented. 20 percent of them ended with the death.


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In the Middle Ages people already celebrated “Carnival“. Originally carnival was celebrated on the day before the beginning of Lent. The word carnival means “meat“ in Latin and that’s the reason why Carnival was celebrated the day before. During Lent, people were not allowed to eat any animal products or to have sex.

Foto: pixabay / CC0

The green lung of our world in danger

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The tropical rain forests are an important componant to save passable climate conditions on Earth. By absorbing climate-damaging CO2-emissions and transforming them into oxygen which decreases the greenhouse effect, the rainforests significantly influence the global climate. Even if this isn‘t mentioned often, an area which is almost twice as big as the Saarland is cleared every year. In the last 40 years a surface twice as big as France was destroyed in Brasil. Forest clearance may go down as it does for example in Brasil according to official statements, but still about 5000 square kilometers are destroyed by illegal exploitation every year. The cause of the rainforest destruction is people‘s high consumption of wood, which is necessary for paper production, agriculture, infrastructure, furniture, floor coverings and so on.

The culture of the Aborigines

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400.000- 60.000 years ago the Aborigines settled in Australia from north to south.
They aren´t a united nation and exist as tribes with different languages and traditions. Before the Britons arrived, there were 400-700 different tribes of the Aborigines who were living mostly as hunters and collectors. These tribes have different languages, too. But all of them have a special relation to nature.

Tag der offenen Tür in Scheyern

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Samstag, acht Uhr morgens in Scheyern, die Schüler waren topfit. Trotz des extrem milden Wetters war es für sie kein Problem, pünktlich anwesend zu sein. Denn am 28. Februar präsentierten die angehenden Abiturienten der FOS/BOS Scheyern ihre Schule.

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